The House That Chicago Built – House Music Documentary

New House Music Documentary (yes another one) but this one comes from way of Chicago and directed by House Don, Lil’ Louis, who boldly proclaims himself as the “Founding Father of House” on the documentary¬†site.

You’ll notice in the teaser below that all the house pioneers get stumped when asked, “What is the first house record?”. I have to say imo its Chip E’s, Just Trax ep and JM Silks “Music is the key”, both from 1985, but lots of house records came out that same year. Many say the first record is “On and On” by Jesse Saunders, or even Fast Cars by him as well. But those weren’t “House” records in the traditional sense, meaning 4/4 beat. Those 2 records are very electro-funk/italoesque.

Looking forward to the answer that Lil’ Louis will bring to the masses.